Token Utility

$STORM Utility, Fees and Burning Mechanism

SOLSTORM Token Utility ($STORM)

STORM serves as the lifeblood of the SOLSTORM ecosystem, powering various functionalities and incentivizing user participation. This section details the core utilities of $STORM, fee structures, and the token burning mechanism employed to enhance long-term value.

$STORM Utilities:

  • Burning Mechanism: A portion of the platform's revenue (10%) is allocated towards a buyback and burn program for $STORM tokens. This helps to progressively reduce the circulating supply, fostering scarcity and potentially increasing the token's long-term value.

  • Increased IDO Allocation: Project creators can leverage $STORM to acquire a larger allocation within IDO (Initial Decentralized Offering) sales conducted on the SOLSTORM platform (Business-to-Consumer – B2C). This provides an incentive for creators to hold and utilize $STORM tokens while offering them greater exposure within the IDO process.

  • KOL Engagement: SOLSTORM utilizes a network of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to promote promising projects launching on the platform. A portion of the raised funds can be used to incentivize these KOLs, with the option to pay in $STORM tokens. This fosters collaboration and potentially increases visibility for projects while offering an additional utility for $STORM holders.

  • Launchpad Tier Upgrades: The SOLSTORM platform offers tiered access to its functionalities. By using $STORM tokens, project creators can elevate their tier, unlocking enhanced features and benefits within the platform (B2C). This incentivizes creators to participate in the SOLSTORM ecosystem and empowers them to maximize their project's fundraising potential.

  • Creator Fees and KYC Verification: To streamline the launchpad creation process and minimize barriers to entry, project creators can utilize $STORM tokens to pay KYC (Know Your Customer) verification fees and platform usage fees (Business-to-Business – B2B). This fosters a user-friendly experience for creators and encourages active participation.

  • Premium Subscription Tiers: SOLSTORM offers premium monthly subscription plans granting access to exclusive launchpads specifically tailored for B2C ventures. These subscriptions can be paid for using $STORM tokens, ensuring access to top-tier opportunities and benefits within the platform for discerning investors.

10% from total revenue goes to buyback $STORM token

Increasing an allocation in IDO sales by burning $STORM token (B2C)

Small raises to show the KOL list behind the launching token (B2C)

KYC and fee for creating launchpad takes $STORM tokens (B2B)

Premium monthly based subscription takes $STORM tokens to access premium launchpads (B2C)

Upgrade your tier on launchpad by burning $STORM tokens (B2C)

To sum up, STORM incentivizes user participation and project creation. By strategically utilizing $STORM tokens, both creators and investors can unlock additional functionalities and maximize their potential within the platform. The implemented burning mechanism further emphasizes SOLSTORM's commitment to long-term value creation for $STORM token holders.

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