Claim Portal: Effortless Token Claiming

We have replaced the Airdrop distribution method with Claiming. This change offers several advantages: it reduces gas fees, making it more cost-effective for users, and it also enhances the functionality and usefulness of the process. SOLSTORM Claim Portal is a premium destination for investors to seamlessly manage and claim tokens earned through project participation in presales. Our user-centric portal eliminates the need for external processes, resulting in significant cost savings on gas fees.

Transparency and User Control:

The Claim Portal prioritizes both transparency and user control. Investors who participated in presales can effortlessly track and claim their allocated tokens directly through the portal. This fosters trust within the community while empowering users to manage their investments independently.

Simplified Token Management:

The Claim Portal boasts a user-friendly interface that streamlines the token claim process. Key information displayed for each project includes:

  • Vesting Amount: Total number of tokens allocated to the user.

  • Claim Start Date: Date from which token claiming becomes available.

  • Purchased Amount: User's investment amount in the presale.

  • Claim Progress Bar: Visual representation of claimed tokens versus remaining balance.

  • Available Tokens to Claim: Real-time display of claimable tokens.

Streamlined Vesting and Calendar Function:

SOLSTORM employs vesting contracts to ensure a controlled token distribution. The Claim Portal acts as a convenient calendar, notifying users of claim eligibility based on pre-defined vesting periods. This simplifies token management and keeps the community informed.

Confidence and Ease:

The SOLSTORM Claim Portal revolutionizes token distribution, fostering confidence in the project ecosystem. It empowers investors with a user-friendly platform to manage their holdings effortlessly, marking a significant step forward in the DeFi and Web3 landscape.

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