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At SOLSTORM, we believe in fostering a thriving ecosystem that benefits everyone. That's why our STORM tokenomics are designed with long-term value creation in mind. We understand that success takes time and dedication, so we've prioritized features that encourage sustained growth and commitment from our community.

From fostering a loyal user base to encouraging long-term participation, STORM tokenomics are the cornerstone of a bright future for SOLSTORM.

Here's what sets our tokenomics apart:

  • Community Focus: We actively support our community through initiatives that incentivize long-term commitment and participation.

  • Sustainable Value Creation: We've implemented mechanisms that ensure the long-term value of the STORM token.

Introducing STORM:

At the heart of the SOLSTORM ecosystem lies STORM, our native utility token. Designed to incentivize participation, foster long-term value creation, and empower all stakeholders, STORM plays a vital role in the platform's operation. STORM serves a multitude of purposes within the SOLSTORM ecosystem:

  • IDO Participation: Investors utilize STORM to participate in IDOs hosted on the SOLSTORM launchpad. Holding a certain amount of STORM can unlock participation tiers with increased allocation opportunities.

  • Launchpad Tier Upgrades: By holding STORM, project teams can gain access to higher launchpad tiers, unlocking benefits such as increased visibility, marketing support, and community management assistance.

  • Fee Reductions: Transactions on the SOLSTORM platform, including IDO participation and fee claims, incur a minimal fee. Holding STORM grants users a discount on these platform fees, incentivizing active participation.

  • Governance Rights: STORM holders play a crucial role in shaping the future of SOLSTORM. The platform will implement a governance system in the future, allowing STORM holders to vote on proposals regarding platform upgrades, fee structures, and future development initiatives.

How Many STORM Tokens Are There in Circulation?

The SOLSTORM ecosystem boasts a meticulously crafted tokenomics model, developed in collaboration with international professors of mathematics and economics. STORM tokenomics prioritizes long-term value creation, reflecting a commitment to sustained growth and community support. The framework aims for sustainable value generation and showcases unwavering dedication to SOLSTORM's promising future.

With a total maximum supply of 100,000,000 STORM tokens, the initial token generation event (TGE) will unlock tokens for the following groups: KOL, Strategic, Public, and Marketing. The percentage of tokens unlocked during this event is 3.64%, resulting in 3,635,000 STORM tokens circulating in the market.

A Sustainable Token Distribution:

SOLSTORM's tokenomics model prioritizes fair distribution and long-term value creation. The total STORM supply will be transparently allocated across the following categories:

Total Supply: 100 000 000 STORM

➡ Strategic: 13,5% of total supply, 8% TGE, vesting 11 months, starting from month 2

➡ Team: 12% of total supply, 0% TGE, vesting 24 months, starting from month 13

➡ Marketing: 5% of total supply, 2% TGE, vesting 35 months

➡ Advisors: 2% of total supply, 0% TGE, vesting 18 months, starting from month 7

➡ Public: 13,5% of total supply, 25% TGE, vesting 3 months, starting from month 2

➡ Ecosystem: 46,6% of total supply, TBA

➡ Liquidity: 2,5% of total supply, 100% TGE, 5 year LockUp

➡ KOLs: 10% of total supply, 12% TGE, vesting 10 months, starting from month 2

➡ Community Airdrop: 2% of total supply, TBA

Aligning Incentives for a Thriving Ecosystem:

The core principle behind SOLSTORM's tokenomics model is the alignment of incentives for all ecosystem participants:

  • Project Teams: Benefit from increased reach, access to funding, and a supportive community through the use of STORM for launchpad tiers and fee reductions.

  • Investors: Gain early access to promising projects, enjoy fee discounts, and potentially participate in future governance decisions through their STORM holdings.

  • STORM Holders: Benefit from the overall growth and success of the SOLSTORM ecosystem as the value of STORM increases alongside platform adoption.

By fostering a sustainable token distribution model, implementing a multi-faceted utility structure, and aligning incentives for all participants, SOLSTORM's tokenomics model lays the foundation for a thriving and self-sufficient Web3 ecosystem.


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