SOLSTORM: A Team United by Innovation

The SOLSTORM team represents a powerhouse of experience and talent, dedicated to building a future-proof launchpad ecosystem. Our team members are passionate about blockchain technology and possess a proven track record of success in their respective fields. Meet the Architects of SOLSTORM:

Visionary Leadership

  • Alexander Osskys (Co-Founder): A seasoned entrepreneur and philanthropist with a remarkable history of building successful businesses. Alexander's achievements include a multi-million dollar B2C startup and co-founding a quantum technology company. His expertise in business strategy and financial acumen are invaluable assets to SOLSTORM.

  • Arthur Getz (Co-Founder): A serial entrepreneur with over two decades of experience navigating the international market. Arthur's venture capital background, encompassing investments in more than 50 crypto projects, brings a wealth of knowledge about the ever-evolving blockchain landscape. His philanthropic and mentoring spirit further strengthens the SOLSTORM foundation.

Technical Brilliance

  • K.L. (CPO - Chief Product Officer): A world-class cybersecurity expert, K.L.'s impressive record includes top positions in prestigious CTF (Capture the Flag) competitions like Midnight Sun CTF, DiceCTF, and MIMIC Defence. This expertise translates to building robust and secure platforms, a core principle at SOLSTORM.

  • P.K. (CRO - Chief Risk Officer): A Senior Cryptography Expert and Associate Professor, P.K. brings a distinguished academic background and over 50 published scientific works to the team. His profound understanding of cryptography safeguards the SOLSTORM ecosystem.

  • D.M. (CTO - Chief Technology Officer): A leading AI scientist, professor, and innovator, D.M.'s expertise in Artificial Intelligence positions SOLSTORM at the forefront of technological advancement.

  • T.K. (CCO - Chief Cryptography Officer): Senior Cryptography Expert, Doctor of Techinal Science, is author of more than 30+ articles related to the cryptography, leads the the development of сryptographic algorithms and their application in messengers, network devices and Linux-based operating systems.

  • A.G. (Developer): A skilled Software and CA Developer, A.G. is responsible for maintaining the SOLSTORM infrastructure and developing the platform's backend functionalities.

  • V.V. (CDO - Chief Design Officer): With over a decade of experience in web UI/UX design, V.V. ensures a user-friendly and intuitive platform interface for both project owners and investors.

  • T.H. (CMO - Chief Marketing Officer): T.H. leverages experience from Dao Maker, a leading launchpad platform, to spearhead SOLSTORM's community growth initiatives.

A Shared Vision for the Future

The SOLSTORM team is united by a shared vision – to empower the next generation of blockchain innovators and foster a thriving Web3 ecosystem. Their unwavering commitment to the platform's success is evident in their dedication to excellence, continuous innovation, and a user-centric approach.

This diverse team's collective experience in blockchain technology, finance, marketing, and development positions SOLSTORM for long-term success. We are confident that our expertise and passion will propel SOLSTORM to the forefront of Web3 fundraising, shaping the future of decentralized finance.

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