SOLSTORM is an automated platform for an IDOs on Solana ecosystem. We offer a convenient tool for investors and projects, enabling efficient and secure token sales.

The first and only fully automated launchpad on Solana, like PinkSale on other chains

Our platform protect liquidity by locking or burning LP after token raises to protect users

Shareholder system

User-Centric friendly experience, where user can interact and invest in the projects based on his activity and analysis provided by SOLSTORM

On-chain analytics for tracking our community engagement and activate targeted action by different methods such emailing, personal marketing and others

Why SOLSTORM is Your Launchpad to the Future

SOLSTORM isn't just automated, it's revolutionary. We're the first and only fully automated launchpad on Solana, streamlining the IDO process for projects and investors alike. Imagine the efficiency of an automated solution built specifically for the explosive growth of the Solana ecosystem. That's the power of SOLSTORM.

Accessibility is our watchword. No more complex procedures. Simply connect your wallet and dive into a world of groundbreaking projects. User-centricity is woven into the very fabric of our platform. Our interface is intuitive, allowing you to seamlessly interact and invest based on your activity and the invaluable analyses provided by SOLSTORM.

Security is paramount. We go beyond standard measures. SOLSTORM employs a groundbreaking approach to liquidity protection. By burning LPs after token raises, we shield users from potential manipulation.

Engagement is our lifeblood. Using cutting-edge on-chain analytics, we monitor community engagement with laser focus. This allows us to tailor targeted actions – email campaigns, personalized marketing strategies, and more – to ensure projects connect with the right audience.

SOLSTORM is more than a launchpad; it's a community catalyst. Here, innovation thrives, security reigns supreme, and user experience is king.

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