Prevention against DDoS and Bots

Right from inception, one of the important design considerations while building SOLSTORM was to make sure the platform is bullet proof against any denial of service attacks and effectively mitigate risk of bots. By enabling Cloudflare’s DDoS mitigation service, we are facilitating a smooth token sale process for all projects on SOLSTORM. Here is how CloudFlare secures SOLSTORM against DDoS.

Idea is to detect the threat, respond to it, route the traffic intelligently, and adapt based on the incoming network traffic. We have run multiple tests to simulate these attacks and are confident that we have a secure system in place. While DDoS mitigation is in place, in case of unforeseen circumstances, should there be heavy load from bots that might potentially take the servers down, we do have another backup deployment of the application that should help all projects proceed with the token sale smoothly. We also have CAPTCHA and email verification, to ensure at any point we do not have any bots participating in the project’s token sale process.

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