KYC at SOLSTROM: Securing Your Investments

At SOLSTORM, protecting our investors is paramount. We stand firm against scams and rug pulls, and have implemented a robust system of Know Your Customer (KYC) verification to empower your decision-making.

Understanding KYC at SOLSTORM

KYC is the cornerstone of our security measures. This process verifies the identity of project owners, confirming they are who they claim to be. Similar to major exchanges, SOLSTORM utilizes an automated platform where project owners submit government-issued IDs (passport, national ID) for verification.

Benefits for Investors:

  • Enhanced Security: KYC acts as a deterrent for bad actors, minimizing the risk of encountering fraudulent projects on our platform.

  • Accountability: Should a KYC-verified project team engage in a scam, SOLSTORM will reveal their identities and make this information public for potential legal action.

  • Informed Decisions: Look for the KYC badge displayed alongside projects. This badge signifies verification and can contribute to your investment decisions.

Reporting Suspicious Activity:

If you suspect a project is a scam and have supporting evidence, report it to SOLSTORM immediately. We will investigate your claim and provide you with the outcome.

Project Owners: Building Trust with KYC

For project owners seeking to build trust and legitimacy, we highly recommend completing the KYC process. Contact our KYC Manager on Telegram (@solstormcpo) to initiate verification. The process typically takes 24-48 hours.

Embarking on KYC verification on the SOLSTORM platform is made simple and efficient. Our user-friendly system has been designed with a seamless experience in mind, guiding individuals through each step effortlessly. To help you navigate the KYC process on SOLSTORM, here is a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Initiating the KYC Process

To commence the KYC verification journey, users must navigate to the designated KYC section within their SOLSTORM account. Once there, they will be presented with a clear overview of the verification process and its objectives.

Step 2: Providing Personal Information

The next step involves providing accurate and complete personal information. This includes details such as full name, date of birth, country of residence, and contact information. The platform ensures that all data collected is handled with utmost care and adheres to strict data privacy regulations.

Step 3: Identity Verification

To verify their identity, users are required to submit clear copies of their valid government-issued identification documents. These documents include passports, driver's licenses, or national identity cards. The platform employs sophisticated image recognition technology to analyze the submitted documents and confirm their authenticity.

Step 4: Facial Recognition

For an added layer of security, SOLSTORM utilizes facial recognition technology to verify the user's identity against the submitted identification documents. This step involves capturing a live selfie using a webcam or mobile device. The platform ensures that the facial recognition process is conducted in a secure and privacy-conscious manner.

Step 5: Document Review and Approval

Once all required information and documents have been submitted, the platform's automated system initiates a thorough review process. This process involves verifying the authenticity of the documents, cross-checking information against external databases, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Step 6: Notification of Verification Status

Upon completion of the review process, users will receive a prompt notification informing them of the verification status. Successful verification grants users full access to the SOLSTORM ecosystem's features and services. In case of any discrepancies or incomplete information, users will receive clear instructions on how to rectify the issue and proceed with the verification process.

A Project KYC Badge Details and Support:

  • Cost: $600 per KYC verification (non-refundable)

  • Processing Time: 24-48 hours

  • Contact: @solstormcpo on Telegram

  • Supported Languages: English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Bulgarian, Dutch, Turkish, Hindi, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Albanian, Vietnamese, Nigerian, French, Korean, Indonesian

Important Disclaimer:

  • A project's KYC badge does not constitute SOLSTORM's endorsement or recommendation. Conduct your own research (DYOR) before investing.

  • SOLSTORM operates as a decentralized platform.

By implementing these KYC and Doxxing initiatives, SOLSTORM strives for a safer and more transparent investment environment. We encourage project owners to embrace these measures and empower investors to make informed decisions.


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